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“I had Rachael as a guitar teacher all the way from year 6 right up to year 13 (starting at grade 3 and reaching grade 8) and she was absolutely brilliant. I thoroughly enjoyed our weekly lessons, and benefited lots from just half an hour, as she is very efficient and we covered lots of pieces together. Throughout our lessons, I progressed massively due to her patience and encouragement, and the way she adapted her style from teaching the basics to refining musical nuances as we tackled higher grades. She is very supportive in her manner of teaching: doesn't just identify mistakes, she targets these with specific advice on how to improve. In summary, I would recommend Rachael to guitar players of any level, she is a really excellent teacher. Thank you Rach!”

Elizabeth Wilde, Student

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"Rachael works at St. Bartholomew’s with individuals and small groups. The children
are between 6 and 11 years old. The children enjoy their lessons with her, they are
engaged with their learning and in their performances each term it is incredible to
watch how confident each child becomes. Rachael is professional, reliable and
flexible and I am very happy with her work."

Sally Roycroft, Head Teacher

Testimonials: Testimonial

“Rachael has taught my son since he started playing the guitar in year 5. He has made fantastic progress and now, in year 12, he is working towards grade 8. He says her teaching is both engaging and inciteful. Rachael always makes the lessons fun even though she is working with him to produce music of the highest standard.”


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"Joeri has been playing guitar with Rachael since he was seven years old and the way Rachael teaches has meant that he has learnt music without realising. Now six years later Joeri is enjoying taking the guitar grades and is getting ready for grade five. Rachael is so supportive, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and encouraging that Joeri is always keen to go to lessons and improve his playing."


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"I started learning with Mrs Holden when I was 7 years old and went on to achieve my grade 8 classical guitar when I was 18. To this day I still receive guitar lessons at my university where I study music. I highly recommend Mrs Holden for any level of guitar teaching whether it is beginner, more advanced or relearning after a few years off. She is a very kind, insightful and encouraging teacher and always understands her pupils."

Josh Eccles, Student

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"Rachael has worked at our school as a peripatetic guitar teacher for many years. There is always a waiting list of pupils because her lessons are so popular. The children are always keen to attend lessons each Wednesday.
I am grateful for Rachael’s contribution to our annual Music Celebration, when her pupils play, both individually and in small groups, to an audience of children and adults.The pupils appear confident and well prepared, and also demonstrate excellent posture when playing.
Rachael is a real asset to and we are grateful for the contribution that she makes to the music in our school."

Janet Reeve Music Coordinator

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“My son has been taught by Rachael for over six years. He began with classical guitar lessons when he was six years old then moved to popular music two years later. He really enjoys strumming chords to chart hits with Rachael. She is flexible and creative and makes the lessons fun.”


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